18th – Dec – 2016

I enjoy passing time on these pointless little online digital “toys”. Release your own “Unknown Pleasures” and recreate your own version of the iconic Joy Division album cover. Thanks Garrett Finucane. Click here to get scribbling, (hint – click on “DRAW”).

Andreas Levers

8th – Nov – 2016

Stunning images from German Andreas Levers. The air seems so crisp in these images, inspires me to get up for an early morning walk.

Lucha Libre

6th – Oct – 2016

Minimal, colourful and almost clumsy in design, but yet very awesome and full of impact – Lucha Libre magazine covers from the 70’s. Found at Flashbak.

Sublime Indeed

12th – Sep – 2016

An exhibition I would have dearly loved to attend. Retro NASA photographs showing at Breese Little Gallery in London. During late 2014 – just missed it. No doubt the large format photographic prints capture the awe somewhat better than these little jpg’s!

Found at It’s Nice That


11th – Aug – 2016

I was blown away by these images. Stunning observations of flight by Xavi Bou of Barcelona brought about from a lifetime love of nature and birds. Like long exposures that reveal something unseen – beautiful stuff Xavi, well done indeed. More information and images can be found at his website.




Bjork in VR

3rd – Jul – 2016

Last month I was lucky enough to visit Carriageworks in Sydney to see the Bjork Digital exhibition. I have seen quite a few VR demos in my time, but this was by far the most impressive. The experience involved being part of a small group, which was then lead through the 5 unique spaces, 4 of which required the use of a VR headset. The fourth exhibit found me on the floor, such is my ability to “let myself go”. My partner laughed out loud. I do enjoy a great VR experience – they can be quite like dreaming.

The final piece was truly astounding. A full size glowing electrified digitally illustrated version of Bjork wanders about singing. With the VR headset cables tethered from above, you are able to move around, follow and even step inside Bjork. Mind blown. Still very personal as opposed to shared experiences, fascinated to see where VR is heading.

There is arguably a very special something about Bjork and her diverse output, she genuinely breathes creativity, must be all that Icelandic fresh air.

Mediated Matter Group

16th – Jun – 2016

Stunning video from the Mediated Matter Group. As per their website, “our focus is on Nature-inspired Design and Design-inspired Nature”. At the cutting edge of where human meets computer, it appears that we may not even recognise our future interfaces as anything but “natural”. Sort of spooky and exciting all at the same time. Digital, computational petri dishes! Haunting.

Nanyang PS

3rd – May – 2016

Wow! Imagine going to school here – happy times! This just must help produce more creative, open minded, well rounded, intuitive kids. Maybe not, maybe they get over all that colour and turn goth. Probably not. I think this is awesome. The world needs more colour! Found at Architizer.





22nd – Apr – 2016

Great project by Gianluca Gimini from Italy. After sourcing a number of sketches from both friends and strangers, 3D models and final renders were developed as accurately as possible, major flaws and all. The resulting bikes look quite fantastical, futuristic, although unridable.





Mark Mothersbaugh

8th – Apr – 2016

Did you know that Devo co-founder Mark Mothersbaugh designed and sold a series of eye popping art rugs back in 2009! He did. I did not know. They are very dynamic. I like them. Too nice to wipe your feet on – these are rugs for the wall. No idea if they are still available for purchase, but you can see the full collection here.





Project Soli

14th – Mar – 2016

Project Soli at Google looks very interesting, especially given the dexterity of human hands. Project Soli utilises radar to detect the ultra small sub millimetre movements made by human hands and fingers. Once built into devices, (think everyday controls on anything from radio, TV, washing machine etc) the results will be startling. A whole new kind of accuracy.


26th – Feb – 2016

Well I’m off to the Oscars! No not really, but sort of in a tiny obscure imaginary way. Pretty keen on the flicks, watched Room the other night, fully brilliant. Powerful tale that highlights the strength of a relationship between parent and child. Left me with that satisfying reminder of why you love cinema. Brilliant performances, especially from Jacob Tremblay, really admire child actors that can give such strong performances at such a young age, bout then I was still jumping in mud. Great direction from Lenny Abrahamson who manages to maintain the suspense all the way through. He also directed Frank (2014) which is also well worth a watch.

Well anyway, a few times throughout the film a piece of my artwork appears – a White Stripes poster I designed back in 2002. Blink and you’d miss it, but it’s the same one I have proudly hanging at home with Jack and Megs signatures. I remember giving permission to a request via email from an art department wanting to use the poster, but that was 18 months ago and I’d forgotten all about it. What a pleasant surprise it was. Well it’s a great film and it was quite a thrill to be involved, even it was in such a minuscule way. Highly recommend the film.



Jamie Zuverza

11th – Feb – 2016

Super ace colour and composition on these great gig posters from Jamie Zuverza. Double like.





Scott Patt

14th – Jan – 2016

One of my favourite art finds of last year. During 2014 Scott Patt undertook a painting-a-day project entitled Bigger. Smaller. Funnier. which culminated in an exhibition at Winston Wächter Fine Art in NYC. The small, colourful almost childish looking paintings often have me laughing out loud. Often just a simple play on words, I can’t help but feel the artist enjoys signage, puns, cartoons, english and maybe even scrabble. Thanks for the commitment and great output Mr. Patt. A very small selection of my favourites below. You can see the entire collection here.




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