Left Foot Right Foot

18th – Dec – 2018

As a website developer I view many websites (when I find the extra time). What makes for an engaging experience is dependant on many factors, but first and foremost it all comes down to great content. You can throw all the budget and special effects at a movie, but if the script ain’t right, chances are you’ll wander off. Same with websites. Great design and user experience only compliment worthy content.

Maybe it was the time of year (a week before end of year break), but the Left Right Walk website really struck me for a number of reasons. Great minimal design, super easy to navigate on all devices. Great photography (occasionally cheeky) throughout by the many contributors (most of whom are writers, travellers, photographers). And really honest, often humorous writing. Calling the travel tips section “Macgyvers” made me do a real LOL. Those touches can really make a difference on the level of engagement. But the overall feel was that this website is doing a great job of what it has set out to do, provide a platform for travellers to share their stories. Quality content presented in a very pleasing wrapper. Ticked the boxes for me, but I suppose they are presenting travel options which is always very appealing. An hour passed before I knew it.

Bit like a low budget indie movie that leaves you completely satisfied. 5 stars Margaret.

See –

6 Glaciers, Alberta, Canada

Akchour Cascade, Talassemtane National Park, Morocco

Bryce Canyon, Utah, USA

Montserrat, Catalonia, Spain

Brekky burger

Kristoffer Axén

11th – Nov – 2018

Sometimes photography really strikes you. A couple of stunning images from Kristoffer Axén recently had that very pleasant effect on me. Moody, dreamy and with a feeling of being fresh and new. You can see more at his website.


26th – Oct – 2018

Arena is a short film created using images sourced from Google Earth by Páraic McGloughlin. So much data in the form of aerial photography. What to do with all this data? Make it dance. Great sound and edit. I’m guessing a few hours are involved here, time well spent, leaves you wanting more.

Flag Stories

24th – Sep – 2018

Ferdio infographic agency in Copenhagen have undertaken this very interesting and somewhat curious little project. Flag Stories is a collection of infographics that have come together as a result of careful examination of the many flags of the world. Colours, proportions, shapes, symbols etc. Data collected and brilliantly displayed in a series of snapshots. Still can’t quite make the connection as to why this really pointless data is so interesting! Great project. You can view the complete project here.

Wayne Sorce

14th – Aug – 2018

From Joseph Bellows Gallery in California, Urban Color by Wayne Sorce. An amazing collection of photos from the late 70’s and early 80’s in both Chicago and New York City. Never ceases to amaze me how much detail (film vs digital) is held in these older images. Whilst technology and resolution have come a long long way, there is definitely warmth and honesty in these colourful shots. Super. You can see more image here.

Arielle Bobb-Willis

30th – Jul – 2018

New hero alert. Arielle Bobb-Willis’s photography really grabbed my attention. Her images are tainted with a little fashion, a lot of fun, plenty of colour and just a hint of oddness. The composition might suggest heavy art direction and uber high fashion, but they also confidently carry a very human, casual, street feel. Salute!

Thought Diary

29th – Jun – 2018

Brooklyn-based musician, comedian and director Daniel Koren makes quirky little videos with a quick pace and sharp edit. On second watch maybe it was just the mood I was in, but I laughed out loud on multiple occasions. Refreshing. Tasty.

Chiara Zonca

25th – May – 2018

Chiara Zonca is a London based photographer whose stunning photography fills me with the urge to travel. Love a good road trip. These images have me searching for maps.

Moon Tour

30th – Apr – 2018

The moon in more detail than you’ve ever seen. Still blows my small mind!

Hair Yeah!

28th – Mar – 2018

Nigerian photographer J.D. Okhai Ojeikere documented local hairstyles throughout the 60’s and 70’s. This pricked my interest more so than you might expect for I am bald. I generally find hairstyles fascinating, and my own lack of options a tad dissapointing. But I do like to rock a wig at a party. These stunning images show true craftsmanship. Fine art indeed. More information here.

Auto Nom

24th – Feb – 2018

Like a child frolicking in a field, so so good. Cars do seem to have personality, but not this much! Foam studio executes this project with sweet perfection. The first of a series of character animation narratives based on the personality of Autonomous Rolf. Bet you can’t watch it just once. You can read more about the project, complete with arousing copy at

The Happy Film

19th – Jan – 2018

In late 2011 I contributed via Kickstarter to “The Happy Film”. A project undertaken by design guru Stefan Sagmeister. The promised USB arrived in the mail yesterday. Sure it was a long wait, but I’m fairly sure Stefan is a very busy man, and there were many issues along the way, not least the sad passing of the film’s initial director Hillman Curtis in 2012.

The premise of the film was to explore whether meditation, therapy or drugs would bring the most happiness. Of course there is no final answer, but the journey that Mr. Sagmeister puts himself through is definitely eye opening. Visually stunning the use of mise en scène is set to a maximum, but there is also an element of squirm about watching such an accomplished man wrestle with mostly himself in pursuit of the smile.

Honest and very pleasing to the eye, the film will most likely not make you any happier, but it’s insightful and a great watch. Preview below.

Use this link to view the full film.

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