Melt House

28th – Sep – 2020

Great architecture warms me. And all this time in iso has me dreaming of the ideal home. Satoshi Saito of SAI Architectural Design Office in Osaka, Japan has designed the Melt House for a young family and I am guessing they should be very happy with the end result. Plenty to love here, a small block, beautiful materials, classic lines, some subtle curves and the outside cleverly appearing inside. I could live here. We would be quite content. Plenty more equally stunning projects with that undeniable Japanese aesthetic can be seen at their lovely website.

2020: an isolation odyssey

25th – Aug – 2020

Lydia Cambron from New York has made exceptional use of her time in isolation. The great leveller that is the current pandemic has the majority of earthlings simultaneously bunkered down at home living a somewhat skewed variation of the norm. Clearly not one to waste her time, Lydia has put together an incredible reenactment of Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey’s timeless, partly cryptic final sequence. A tribute, a homage, call it what you will, I found it incredibly entertaining, especially in the way that it captures the sense of distorted time that we are currently all living through. No doubt resources were at a minimum, but with a fancy bag of film making tricks the end result is just awesome. Attention to framing detail and the use of regular household items are genius. Her own acting, timing and subtle eye movements had me in awe. No doubt a few takes involved, but time on her side during lockdown in New York City. Some favourite frames below. Be sure to scroll to the end to watch the full film. More information and plenty to see at her neat little website.

How are you using your time?

John Laurie

29th – Jul – 2020

Well travelled Melbourne based photographer John Laurie takes beautiful photos of far away mysterious places – anywhere you haven’t been yet is mysterious! Egypt, Mexico and Chile to name just a few. Current world situation has me dreaming of travel but in a different light. Lock down brings with it a new sense of wanting to stretch out and explore. Plenty more images can be seen at John’s fancy website. Prints also for sale at his other fancy website!

Stare at the Sun

30th – Jun – 2020

Our whole lives we are told not to stare at the Sun. Well now you can and for a complete hour no less, and without those pesky tinted cardboard glasses. This stunning time lapse brought to you by the good people at NASA shows 10 years of the sun’s life, where each second of the video represents one Earth day. Truly mesmerizing. Look out for Venus passing around the 12min 24sec mark. Just a ball of fire keeping us all alive. Hot stuff!

XK Studio

19th – May – 2020

Mind blown. London based XK Studio produce super slick motion graphic pieces. Colour, sound, physics, animation and composition all in perfect harmony, and barely a filmed frame to be seen. Below is my pick, 0% Food. Also well worth a look is the very clever VELCRO® Hook and Loop.

Information Is Beautiful

11th – Apr – 2020

Well it can be when you present it well. So much data, so little time to interpret. The good people at are doing their best at presenting data in more visually pleasing ways that when done really well, makes you see and think about the data differently. Traditionally presented in stale spreadsheets and vast stacks of numbers, data that is understood and then treated with some thought, design and colour and even movement can have a profound effect. Well I think it’s pretty rad. Plenty more to see on their website, some of my favourites below.

Various COVID-19 data infographics.

How old are you? There may still be time for your genius.

The gender pay gap. Somewhat alarming.

Egle Zvirblyte

12th – Mar – 2020

Sometimes an artist’s work really grabs you. So much colour and fun and barely a green to be seen. I can’t get enough of London based Lithuanian artist Egle Zvirblyte’s bold colours, dancing figures, curvy women, childish animals and cosmic musings. Big bold and bloody brilliant. Heaps more to see and buy at her great website.

Asia Topa – Ryoji Ikeda

28th – Feb – 2020

Was not disappointed. Long time fan of Ryoji Ikeda’s stunning work. Ryoji is a Japanese visual artist that uses data to produce jaw dropping sound and visuals. Since discovering his work back in 2013, I have been fortunate enough to see exhibitions of his work a handful of times. Last night as part of the Asia Topa Festival in Melbourne, Ryoji performed datamatics [ver 2.0] and it was nothing short of an onslaught. I was perhaps expecting something a little more gentle like past experiences in a gallery setting, but I left all shook up in the best possible way from the onslaught of violent animated strobing on the sharpest most high contrast video screen I have ever seen. Preceded by Nonotak who performed Shiro, which was also amaze, great night Melbourne.


9th – Jan – 2020

Well look what I just stumbled across! My old flash website on YouTube. A version of this website was added to the Franfurt Museum of Applied Art way back in 2002. Complete with sound tools, 3D scenes, very early folio pieces, a photo album and my mock up for a flash watch (thanks Apple, where’s my royalties!). Amazing to look back and realise how much things have changed. Must admit I was fairly obsessed with Flash, it was a fun tool, and I still use what is now Adobe Animate for animation projects. It can also be seen at Web Design Museum along with many other retro bits and bobs. Beware, rabbit hole ahead.

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