Straight Bat – Private Equity

Responsive WordPress website for Straight Bat Private Equity. Once again, great design and page layouts supplied by the team at Vetro Design. Homepage video heads the extensive hero page featuring information about the company and it’s offerings and experience. News sections templates were also produced to make updates from the client a lot simpler. Built […]

The Alternative Limb Project

What an amazing project. The Alternative Limb Project was founded by Sophie de Oliveira Barata who seems to have found an very special little niche. By using the unique medium of prosthetics, highly amplified wearable art pieces are created that no doubt bring an incredible sense of self to the user. I was overwhelmed on […]

Philipp Merkelbach

Loving the work of multidisciplinarian artist Philipp Merkelbach. Quite an experimental, otherworldly feel, peppered with great composition and colour, I especially like his numinous machine orbs – nft’s which you can also collect on hicetnunc. Plenty to see at his great website which includes a trippy homepage.


As a young kid I had a periscope made from cardboard and a small mirror. I could look over the neighbours fence and spy on my brothers around the corner, it was awesome. I also love the ocean, so no wonder I was drawn to Australian Joel Adler’s Viewfinder sculpture. The angled mirror allows the […]

Low Earth Orbit

Realtime tracking of all of the low earth orbit (LEO) objects currently in position around our earth by the crew at Leo Labs. The scale is a little deceiving as the objects would be a great deal smaller than indicated, but it really does give you a clear indication of just how much is floating […]