Bjork in VR

Last month I was lucky enough to visit Carriageworks in Sydney to see the Bjork Digital exhibition. I have seen quite a few VR demos in my time, but this was by far the most impressive. The experience involved being part of a small group, which was then lead through the 5 unique spaces, 4 of which required the use of a VR headset. The fourth exhibit found me on the floor, such is my ability to “let myself go”. My partner laughed out loud. I do enjoy a great VR experience – they can be quite like dreaming.

The final piece was truly astounding. A full size glowing electrified digitally illustrated version of Bjork wanders about singing. With the VR headset cables tethered from above, you are able to move around, follow and even step inside Bjork. Mind blown. Still very personal as opposed to shared experiences, fascinated to see where VR is heading.

There is arguably a very special something about Bjork and her diverse output, she genuinely breathes creativity, must be all that Icelandic fresh air.

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