Mark Mothersbaugh

8th – Apr – 2016

Did you know that Devo co-founder Mark Mothersbaugh designed and sold a series of eye popping art rugs back in 2009! He did. I did not know. They are very dynamic. I like them. Too nice to wipe your feet on – these are rugs for the wall. No idea if they are still available for purchase, but you can see the full collection here.





Project Soli

14th – Mar – 2016

Project Soli at Google looks very interesting, especially given the dexterity of human hands. Project Soli utilises radar to detect the ultra small sub millimetre movements made by human hands and fingers. Once built into devices, (think everyday controls on anything from radio, TV, washing machine etc) the results will be startling. A whole new kind of accuracy.


26th – Feb – 2016

Well I’m off to the Oscars! No not really, but sort of in a tiny obscure imaginary way. Pretty keen on the flicks, watched Room the other night, fully brilliant. Powerful tale that highlights the strength of a relationship between parent and child. Left me with that satisfying reminder of why you love cinema. Brilliant performances, especially from Jacob Tremblay, really admire child actors that can give such strong performances at such a young age, bout then I was still jumping in mud. Great direction from Lenny Abrahamson who manages to maintain the suspense all the way through. He also directed Frank (2014) which is also well worth a watch.

Well anyway, a few times throughout the film a piece of my artwork appears – a White Stripes poster I designed back in 2002. Blink and you’d miss it, but it’s the same one I have proudly hanging at home with Jack and Megs signatures. I remember giving permission to a request via email from an art department wanting to use the poster, but that was 18 months ago and I’d forgotten all about it. What a pleasant surprise it was. I even watched (read) the credits, what a dag, no cigar. Well it’s a great film and it was quite a thrill to be involved, even it was in such a minuscule way. Highly recommend the film too.



Jamie Zuverza

11th – Feb – 2016

Super ace colour and composition on these great gig posters from Jamie Zuverza. Double like.





Scott Patt

14th – Jan – 2016

One of my favourite art finds of last year. During 2014 Scott Patt undertook a painting-a-day project entitled Bigger. Smaller. Funnier. which culminated in an exhibition at Winston Wächter Fine Art in NYC. The small, colourful almost childish looking paintings often have me laughing out loud. Often just a simple play on words, I can’t help but feel the artist enjoys signage, puns, cartoons, english and maybe even scrabble. Thanks for the commitment and great output Mr. Patt. A very small selection of my favourites below. You can see the entire collection here.




Thomas Dagg

22nd – Dec – 2015

So the new Star Wars film came out and all the humans (well it seems most) ran out to view. I enjoyed the film a great deal. It managed to take me to a place where I could imagine a non earth life amongst the stars, which is all hoped to expect. It reminded me of this photo series by Toronto based photographer Thomas Dagg. How different it would be if a grainy, black and white arthouse approach was used. The images tend to suggest a more subtle storytelling, far from the all American in your face hyper polish blockbuster. Star Noirs perhaps.



Atom Awards

10th – Dec – 2015

Was honoured to be asked to help with the judging for the 2015 Atom Awards. After nominating myself for a couple of different genres, pixelshifter was allocated the Documentary – Science, Technology & the Environment (Industry) category. I was really impressed with the whole voting process. Personalised login enabled me to read instructions, view content, make notes and submit scores. Everything ran super smooth, well done Atom Awards, please feel free to ask me back next year. Congratulations to all entrants, really made me feel that the Australian media making breeding ground is healthy indeed.


Japanese Youth in Revolt

6th – Nov – 2015

You don’t usually associate reckless teenage abandon or punk ethos with the Japanese. So neat and polite, however all teenagers rebel. Great images from 1964 Tokyo by Time photographer Michael Rougier of a bitter post war minority rebelling against the mainstream.




Kate Banzai

14th – Oct – 2015

Latest art crush! Kate Banzai’s work has been appearing here and there in Melbourne recently, maybe much further back but just popped up on my radar. Striking. Bold colour and and a real experimental feel. You get the feeling she really enjoys her work, and so she should. Makes me happy and curious for more. Find much more of her work here.




Nathanael Turner

7th – Sep – 2015

LA based photographer Nathanael Turner has plenty of interesting composition and colour going on, all wrapped up with a certain attitude. Like stills from indie films you’d want to see.






24th – Aug – 2015

You don’t seem to see these sort of fun little internet toys as much as you used to. Maybe most of them existed in the now defunct flash department. Typedrummer by Kyle Stetz is just great – super simple and very well executed. Depending on your curiosity though and I expect mostly dependant on your mood, be prepared to lose some time. Use this link – that’s just a screen grab below!



22nd – Jul – 2015

Love this project by Canadian based, Japanese designer Oki Sato. Beautifully designed set of 9 chocolates. The same chocolate is used in each, the idea being that they taste a little different from each other based on the form and texture, bet it’s true too. They look too good to eat – but I would! Super job on the packaging as well, great design Oki.


Angus O’Callaghan – Melbourne

12th – Jun – 2015

Here’s a kickstarter project worth backing, I did. Brilliant photography from an era passed, from about the time I came into this world, ’70 to be known. The stunning images were taken in and around Melbourne between 1968 and 1971, and from the few I have seen, they are remarkable. A found old green shoe box full of negatives, then later a chance meeting with Ben Albrecht, all leading to this beautiful book. Can’t wait for my copy. Looks like their target has been reached, excellent.


Kevin Cyr

22nd – May – 2015

Maybe it reminds of being a little boy, staring at cars and trucks from the back seat of the car. I have been a big fan of Kevin Cyr for many years. If you like his work, his website is well worth a look. His ongoing vehicle series grows and grows. Prolific.




Michael Wolf

3rd – May – 2015

Architecture of density, is an amazing photo series by Michael Wolf showing the high rise buildings of Hong Kong. The images conjure up all sorts of alternate visions and feelings. Powerful stuff. His website is well worth a thorough look if you find the time.





29th – Apr – 2015

Thank you internet. If this guy is at a party then that’s dedication, but I have a feeling this is more likely forward thinking mother Russia.


Douwe Dijkstra

4th – Apr – 2015

Quirky and refreshing illustration work from Netherlands based Douwe Dijkstra.



The Smithers

22nd – Mar – 2015

Love a Simpsons pop culture mash up, here’s another. No idea where I found this.


Kazumasa Nagai

10th – Feb – 2015

Great design from Japans Kazumasa Nagai. At 86 years young, must have been way ahead of his time. Love both the colour and composition. Found at Juxtapoz.





The Circular Calendar

27th – Jan – 2015

Just discovered this beautiful design project – The Circular Calendar. Looks like an egg, round and encompassing life – nice one. Bit late, sold out for 2015 – will have to look out for next years version. More info here.




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