Not for Astronauts

13th – Aug – 2014

I laughed out loud. More than once. And proudly.

cold Nite Art

25th – Jul – 2014


Photography from Chris Round at the Edmund Pearce Gallery

Photography from Chris Round at the Edmund Pearce Gallery

Second year running, great night out with a couple of fine friends. Crisp night air, all about the art, warm crowds and great contemporary output, mainly from locals. Made me proud of Melbourne. The Chris Round images at Edmund Pearce Gallery were a highlight. Put it in your calendar.

visit –


7th – Jul – 2014


Stumbled across this image the other day. Beautiful. Turns out it’s from Melbourne based photographer Emma Phillips. The images were taken in central Australia. The book is available here.

Kinky Afro Oh No

20th – Jun – 2014

Some people have a really big influence on your life. Melbourne’s own Three Triple R radio’s Karen Leng had such an influence on me. I listened to her friday morning Station to Station program religiously in the early 90’s. Seriously religiously, could not miss it. The amount of music I was introduced to via Karen’s immaculate taste and appreciation for music is truly astounding. Was a dribbling mess the day I met her after volunteering at a Triple R radiothon one year. Rest assured I recovered and was able to have a fairly normal human conversation with her at Merideth years later.

After Station to Station came Kinky Afro, and last night was the final program, so sadly it’s the end of listening to Karen Leng on the warm comfy cocoon that is Triple R. Karen can still be heard on a new music program called “the Beat Eclectic” on wednesday nights for new digital station Double J.

So a massive thank you to you Karen Leng, and best of luck at the new gig.

Karen Leng with Lee Ranaldo & Thurston Moore of Sonic Youth

Karen Leng with Lee Ranaldo & Thurston Moore of Sonic Youth

Aakashi Nihalani

21st – May – 2014

New York based artist Aakashi Nihalani has a very strong sense of both colour and fun. I really enjoy his work. You can find a lot more at his website –

Patturn I, 2011

Patturn I, 2011

Patturn II, 2011

Patturn II, 2011


12th – Mar – 2014

These days I am quite proudly very WordPress-centric. Why is WordPress so super? It truly is great and has reinvigorated my passion for delivering complete online solutions. Below is a list of reasons why I think WordPress is just super.

Image by me from found objects – pixelshifter offers retouching too

Image by me from found objects – pixelshifter offers retouching too

1. Open Source

WordPress is free and open source. It is contributed, developed and maintained by a large number of passionate people that truly want it to be great. This “crowd” type development encapsulates all that is great about the web, and makes development, improvements and updates happen at a rapid and satisfyingly speedy pace. No corporate greed attached.

2. WordPress Can Do The Splits

Well just about. I have honestly not yet encountered a feature that was not able to be integrated into a custom WordPress theme. Whether it’s social media integration, image galleries and sliders, multi-language, e-commerce and selling products, complex enquiry forms or displaying larger amounts of data in tables, it’s all possible. The vast amount of quality plugins available also greatly extends the functionality of your WordPress website.

3. SEO

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is a very important part of website development, provided you want your audience to be able to find your content easily. Luckily WordPress and Google are best of friends. The underlying structure of WordPress coupled with the way that content is labelled and tagged, ensures that pages are read accurately by google and in turn, that your website is indexed correctly.

4. Empowering

WordPress on first release was essentially blogging software. For this reason it carries the stigma of being such. This is far from the truth. WordPress can be thought of as a complete solution for building complex entire websites. Alongside traditional blog type pages, regular information pages can be added and managed very easily. I am getting great feedback from clients, that are enjoying the feeling of control that they now have over their own website.

5. Mobile Ready

WordPress itself coupled with a great responsive theme, means that your website will be looking great on all devices. Desktops, iPads, smartphones and the rest. With the rapid growth in the smartphone sector and with the number of people viewing the internet also soon to be dominated by this sector, it it becoming even more important to be mobile ready.

6. Global

With so many people woking with WordPress, help is everywhere. The WordPress forums are a wealth of information. Being locked into an expensive custom built CMS is not wise, especially for smaller businesses. Not getting along with your developer? Export your database, take it with you, find new hosting, apply a fresh new improved theme. Yay WordPress.

Pacific Light

4th – Mar – 2014

Simple. Colour. Ink. Nice one Ruslan Khasanov.


6th – Feb – 2014

The folks at the Institute for Dynamic Systems and Control at ETH Zurich have developed the Cubli. A small 15cm sided cube that uses momentum wheels to jump, walk and keep balanced (even on it’s point). Momentum wheels like the name suggests, are fancy little motors with great brakes that spin fast and then stop, transferring the spinning energy into directional movement. Whilst I think one would look superb on my desk, no doubt big money will intervene and they will be miniaturised, taught to self operate and assemble and crush us all. Hope not.

You can read more about this feat of science here (there is a video too.)


Royal Slider

4th – Feb – 2014

There are so many WordPress plugins available these days, it becomes quite an effort just to find the one that works just right for you, and does not do 20 things that you do not need it to do. I have tried and tested an unimaginable number of image gallery type plugins, with varying results. Dmitry Semenov seems to have come up with one of the more elegant solutions. His Royal Slider plugin offers a number of different skins and templates, is responsive and touch friendly. Best of all I have found it to be easy enough to both modify a little more heavily and implement.

More information can be found at Dmitry’s website.


Iceland for Two

14th – Jan – 2014

It has been a lifelong dream of mine to have a white Christmas. In my part of the world (Melbourne), it is usually the middle of Summer without a snowflake in sight. So my wonderful partner and I travelled to the opposite side of the globe and had a truly amazing experience, road tripping just a slice of the Nordic region. Jaw dropping scenery, fish stew, snow and more snow, laughter, friendly folk, cold, reindeer, language barriers, more laughter and more snow. A big thank-you Iceland.





Near the Eyjafjallajökull Volcano

Near the Eyjafjallajökull Volcano



Thingvellir National Park

Thingvellir National Park

Thingvellir National Park

Thingvellir National Park

Top That

8th – Dec – 2013

Quite partial to the freckle which makes me an Alia Shawkat fan. And she is funny too. Can you top that?

the big fizz

2nd – Dec – 2013

Well the ISON comet fizzed. The chances did look slim. Hooray for dreams. Can’t make a great deal of sense from the image below myself, but you can read more here.


Plain Sight

14th – Nov – 2013

I really like it when I have no idea how a video was put together. Still guessing. This video by had that effect on me.

Ryoji Ikeda

2nd – Oct – 2013

I love projected artworks. Throwing light to create atmosphere and mood. I recently stumbled upon the work of Ryoji Ikeda. Data, scale, maths, mood, contrast, sound. To do list – see one of his exhibitions – live.



Codex Seraphinianus

20th – Sep – 2013

Italian artist, architect, and industrial designer Luigi Serafini took time in the late 70’s to put together Codex Seraphinianus, a 360 page book of illustrated dreamt up and imagined things. Plants, animals, people, science, foods and other things that resemble a world sort of similar, but very different to ours, all explained in a made up language of course. Such drive, obsession and imagination.




Tree Hotel

14th – Aug – 2013

If you were in Sweden, you could stay here, in this tree hotel UFO, I would. I will stay here when I go to Sweden.



10th – Jul – 2013

Can you buy glow in the dark solar system underwear? Oh yes, yes ,yes you can. Thanks Make It Good Etsy shop.


Don’t Forget the Cassette

14th – Jun – 2013


Don’t Forget the Cassette is a graphic design project undertaken by British graphic artist Neil Stevens. Maybe I’m the same age as Neil, for I remember them well and very fondly. Simple typography and block colours.




One Stone

10th – May – 2013


Occasionally while wondering about the interweb you may be fortunate enough to stumble across some work that really appeals. The sort of content that only a vehicle such as the web seems possible of providing. An individual that confidently let’s you know how he see’s the world, through his output.

Daniel Eatock has my admiration, for I thoroughly enjoy the way he see’s the world. I often return to his website to see what he has been up to. An ideas man, a collaborator, full of suggestion, oddity and wit. Delving in will almost definitely put a slight spin on the way you view the word, in a really good way. The world needs more Daniels.


Compressed Experiments

4th – Apr – 2013

Kim Pimmel makes small movies using oils, dyes, ferrofluids, foams, magnets and soap bubbles amongst other weird and wonderful substances. Macro lenses and time lapse techniques coupled with great editing and a catchy tune make for a fantastic result. Take a look at his vimeo channel.

As far as I can tell, Compressed Experiments seen above is a collection of all the off cuts that were not used to make his Compressed video series. You can’t help but feel that by looking into the small scale of things, it somehow reveals a much bigger picture. A brilliant edit and bouncy track, I find myself returning to watch this every so often. Play it load and full screen, it’s fully awesome.

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