Low Earth Orbit

Realtime tracking of all of the low earth orbit (LEO) objects currently in position around our earth by the crew at Leo Labs. The scale is a little deceiving as the objects would be a great deal smaller than indicated, but it really does give you a clear indication of just how much is floating around above our heads. Mostly satellites, weather instruments and debris, and I’m really not sure what beams are? With more and more launches happening every day, mostly of which are putting even more objects into orbit, it must be a challenge to find just the right time for launch, and even more so to avoid ongoing collisions. Air traffic control on a grand scale. We must look a little untidy from afar, perhaps appropriate.

Not unlike google earth, the tool allows you to zoom in, move around and identify each satellite. Filters on the left hand side allow for the displaying of different data sets. In the last image seen below, the array type “groups” of satellites that you can see are Elon’s Starlink satellites, engineered and put into position by SpaceX. Once complete this will bring wireless broadband internet to every corner of the globe and no doubt make Elon another Gazillionbillion dollars.

visit – platform.leolabs.space/visualization

LEO objects and friends
Pink indicates debris (space junk)
Beams coming from New Zealand
One of the very many Starlink arrays

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