The recent explosion of non-refungible tokens – that is, digital items that can be stored on a digital ledger (blockchain) has been overwhelming. The peer to peer exchange allowed via ethereum on any of the many marketplaces that have recently appeared online has meant that the interest, collection and sale of digital art is at an all time high. Technology the enabler. It makes plain sense that artwork should be considered unique and therefore not interchangeable. I have always believed there is artistry that can only be revealed via the screen. Digital art has existed for as long as mice (even before), but this rise to the mainstream is revealing a glut of both previously unshared hidden files and a trove of new artists. Animators, 3D artists, generative artists and coders are getting their time in the sun, and it’s both deserved and due.

Twenty years ago Flash was my favourite tool, and artists such as Niko Stumpo (previously abnormalbehaviourchild, now Thisisarobot), Joshua Davies of now defunct Praystation and James Patterson of Presstube were all a constant source of awe and inspiration. So great to see their latest output, they are all still doing incredible things. Feeling inspired, time to output.

You can also explore an overwhelming number of digital artwork at the links below.

Thisisarobot – still in awe
Presstube – code and illustration brought together like nothing I’ve seen – still
Zach Lieberman – coding genius that probably made some of the instagram camera filters that you enjoy
Oscar Pettersson – 3D artist that builds joyful mesmerising loops that have you watching over and over and over
Mark Malta – genius geometry based 3D animator
Joshua Davies – generative art grandaddy

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