Ryan D Anderson

I recently stumbled across the work of Ryan D Anderson from Vancouver and was just about instantly hooked, mostly with that show me more, show me more – type feeling. Gentle soothing sounds, earthy palette and a retro comic book finish, all equate to simple pleasure. It was on the gram when Goober first appeared, and the gym bag ear worm infiltrated my mind. A talented allrounder Ryan is the concept, the animation and sound to his projects. The Goober animations, with their quirky lyrics feel like a long lost TV treasure, I myself eagerly await each new saga. Thankfully Ryan released a bunch of tracks on Spotify, I was humming Gym Bag to myself for days and now I can just listen on repeat.

On further investigation there is much more to see at his website. I also particularly like his nostalgia animations series on his Vimeo page.

And if you are interested in finding out more about Ryan, the good people at It’s Nice That, recently featured this great little interview.

Gym Bag – featuring Goober!

Parking Lot from Ryans awesome Nostalgia Animations

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