Melbourne Maternal Fetal Medicine

23rd – Nov – 2020

A thorough update for a long time client. With new doctors on board, new branding in tow and the additional requirement of a content re jig, the new Melbourne MFM website is a refreshing rebuild which includes doctor profiles, practice services, online patient registration and a new informative Common Pregnancy Concerns section (previously FAQ’s). The updated responsive WordPress website also received special attention to ensure that the viewing experience on mobile devices is equally as effective as on larger screens. New branding by Mel Rochford of Ripe Design. Website design, build and implementation by pixelshifter.

Newlife IVF Donors

23rd – Nov – 2020

An extensive addition to the already existing Newlife IVF website, the new addition found at the the donors subdomain allows potential families and parents in need of sperm to search from a database of eligible donors. The website was built to fall in line with the existing design. Registration is required so pages for registering, login and lost password all had to be developed. More extensive development was required with multiple level filtering allowing for filtering of donors by hair colour, height, ethnicity etc along with a number of other search criteria. The resulting donor pages were set up using Advanced Custom Fields allowing the staff to easily manage the donor list. Website build and implementation by pixelshifter.

Six Harmonies

1st – Oct – 2020

Many businesses have had to make quick adjustments in order to stay functioning during the current pandemic. A major update for Six Harmonies Martial Arts now includes a subscription based service where potential students can sign up to access training videos from home. This also now substantially extends the reach of the studio and the teachings of Shifu Stuart Holdsworth. The new fully responsive WordPress website also includes a gallery, information on the different programs and how to get involved along with further reading on the academy’s philosophy and history. I have trained with Six Harmonies for over 7 years now, so glad I did – sign up today – the benefits are undeniable. Website design, build and implementation by pixelshifter.

Julia Green

13th – Jun – 2020

It really is a pleasure to watch the evolution and success of long term clients such as Julia Green. Complete website update to showcase her extensive and very impressive catalogue of work. Website framework built with the Elementor page builder for WordPress and then handed over to Julia to fine tune content. Feedback from Julia on the ease of making updates to her different galleries using the Elementor page builder has been excellent. Website design, build and implementation by pixelshifter.

Wellbeing Victoria

13th – Jun – 2020

A joint venture between the Victorian Government and the Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre, the Wellbeing Victoria website was put in place to help with the mental wellbeing of those people required to spend time in isolation due to the coronavirus (COVID-19). The website includes an online series of tailored wellbeing videos covering topics such as exercise, yoga, sleep, mindfulness and meditation that can be done within a confined space. Also included is information on the course facilitators, other valuable resources and an online form to gather valuable feedback and information. Pleasure to work with Kik Studios who both produced the videos and project managed the job which required a quick turnaround. Website design, build and implementation by pixelshifter.

Van Liessum Therapy

8th – Jul – 2019

Simple, minimal and elegant single page responsive WordPress website for Van Liessum Therapy. Lauren (who has a keen eye for detail) is now proudly directing potential new customers to her website. Design and implementation by pixelshifter. Built with Elementor.

Keilor Jazz Centre

7th – May – 2019

Quick turn around for the Keilor Jazz Centre website, built with the almighty Elementor page builder for WordPress. The responsive website allows for quick and easy viewing of information about teachers, classes, prices, timetable and also includes an image gallery. Design, build and implementation by pixelshifter.

Dyslexia Services

7th – May – 2019

Dyslexia Services approached pixelshifter with the urgent need to update their website in time for an important conference. With fresh copy and images supplied, a new responsive WordPress theme was developed quick smart. The website provides much information about how coloured lenses may help with certain forms of dyslexia, and in turn the website has a background colour switcher to allow for ease of reading for potential patients. Also included is a self assessment test that supplies different end points depending on the number of correct yes / no answers. Layout, build and implementation by pixelshifter.

Neurosurgical Associates

21st – May – 2018

With quite a volume of content in a very tired and outdated looking website, Neurosurgical Associates approached pixelshifter in need of a major refresh. With fresh design and images, potential clients and patients are now greeted with a brand new responsive WordPress website that allows for very simple gathering of information and the ability to send enquiries. Website design, build and implementation by pixelshifter.

Dr. Lyndon Hale

23rd – Mar – 2017

Dr. Lyndon Hale approached pixelshifter in need of a complete marketing solution. Branding, business stationary and a new website were all required. The end result gives a fresh new face to the business. After branding was completed, a new responsive WordPress based website was developed which enables potential new clients to read up on Lyndon’s experience and services. Online registration for new clients is also handled via the new website. Design, build and implementation by pixelshifter.

Dr. Jonathan Cohen

21st – Mar – 2017

Basic yet practical responsive WordPress based website for Dr. Jonathan Cohen, Melbourne based Endocrinologist. The simple clean website allows potential clients to gather information about available services before booking an appointment at one of the three locations. Design, build and implementation by pixelshifter.

Yoga Station

20th – Mar – 2017

Yoga Station (run by my brother the guru), offers the benefits of yoga throughout Melbourne’s bayside suburbs. With an emphasis on private tuition and self practice, Brett encourages clients to engage in a long term approach to both yoga and their health. The simple website contains information about different class types and timetables, and also allows for pre purchase of classes via PayPal. Website design by pixelshifter. Need a guru? Give Yoga Station a call.

St Vincent’s Neuroscience

20th – Jun – 2016
  • pixelshifter-stvincents-neuroscience-01
  • pixelshifter-stvincents-neuroscience-02
  • pixelshifter-stvincents-neuroscience-03
  • pixelshifter-stvincents-neuroscience-04

The St Vincent’s Neuroscience website is a source of information about doctors, conditions and operations for those in need of care. With new branding from Melinda Rochford from Ripe Design, the responsive WordPress based website designed by pixelshifter is easy to use and allows for easy access to important information. The website includes access to downloadable fact sheets, pages for each individual doctor and a method for searching for doctors by location via a map of Victoria.

And yes this job involved having a meeting with 6 brain surgeons! Best not to open with a joke. Blank stares and tumbleweeds ensue.

Body Electric Dance Studios

27th – Nov – 2015
  • pixelshifter_body_electric_dance_studios_01
  • pixelshifter_body_electric_dance_studios_02
  • pixelshifter_body_electric_dance_studios_03
  • pixelshifter_body_electric_dance_studios_04
  • pixelshifter_body_electric_dance_studios_05

Body Electric Dance Studios approached pixelshifter with a request to update their much dated website. With supplied designs ideas from the uber talented Tyson Sheean, the resulting responsive WordPress based website has them up to speed and busily promoting the business again. Website includes MindBody integration for direct booking, embedded video of past shows, general information and an image gallery. Looks like their students are having a fab time.

Cool Karma Collected

7th – Feb – 2015
  • pixelshifter-cool-karma-collected-01
  • pixelshifter-cool-karma-collected-02
  • pixelshifter-cool-karma-collected-03

With her corporate background as a qualified lawyer, Marike Knight was fully aware of the stresses of the corporate lifestyle. Her new business, Cool Karma Collected, is a service that aims to help reduce stress via yoga and meditation through the teaching of mindfulness. Designed by pixelshifter, the responsive WordPress website provides valuable information about mindfulness, the different courses on offer, testimonials from previous clients and also provides a form for new clients to make that initial enquiry.

Dr Amber Moore

15th – Jun – 2014
  • pixelshifter-dr-amber-moore-01
  • pixelshifter-dr-amber-moore-02

Some clients are great to work with. Dr Amber Moore, loud and confident is one of those clients (a top shiela). She brings new people into the world! Imagine that. Responsive WordPress based website to inform prospective mothers of her gynaecological and obstetric services. Great branding from Melinda Rochford at Ripe Design.

Mata Leao Fightwear

9th – Apr – 2014
  • pixelshifter-mata-leao-01
  • pixelshifter-mata-leao-02

Mata Leao Fightwear, run by Keiran Buckingham, produces and sells top quality fight wear and training clothing. The WordPress based website allows for the purchase of products, with payments handled via paypal.

CrossFit St.Kilda

21st – May – 2013
  • pixelshifter-crossfit-stkilda-01
  • pixelshifter-crossfit-stkilda-02

WordPress website for CrossFit St.Kilda gym, complete with tidy branding from Darren Henderson at Dirtygood and sharp pics from Cameron Murray Photogarphy. It’s all about the WOD (Workout of the Day) over here. WordPress blog updates are passed directly to both facebook and twitter via the SNAP plugin (Social Networks Auto Poster). Replacing an older WordPress website, the client was up and running in no time at all. The fully responsive website now acts as a great promotional tool, attracting and informing prospective clients, as well as being an important daily feed to the existing members.

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