Adam Howden

18th – May – 2017

Long term client and old friend Adam Howden gets a major overhaul with a slick new responsive based WordPress solution. A stickler for detail, Adam required a masonry grid which easily allows for giving emphasis to certain projects while still displaying exceptionally well on mobile devices through the websites responsive nature. Now with a slew of high profile advertising projects, Adams folio is looking very solid. A pleasure to watch his work develop over time. Videos are handled via a Vimeo Pro account, allowing for simple embedding into WordPress project pages. Website design by pixelshifter.

The Whole Picture

20th – Mar – 2017

The Whole Picture approached pixelshifter with a very dated website and tired branding. A quick branding refresh helped to dictate design for a simple and clean new website. Designed by pixelshifter, the responsive WordPress based website looks fab on mobile devices and has the company proudly guiding prospective clients to the website to show off their experience and services.

Andrew Richey Photography

15th – Jul – 2015
  • pixelshifter-andrew-richey-01
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  • pixelshifter-andrew-richey-03

Approached by Andrew Richey with a clear vision, pixelshifter helped to strip back the idea even further, resulting in a very minimal easy to use responsive WordPress solution. The masonry thumbnail pages help to give an overall view of each category whilst the full screen galleries are clean & simple as well as being swipe friendly on devices. Andrew’s blog page simply pulls in his instagram feed, displaying images inline with the rest of the website format.

Story World

7th – Feb – 2015
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Well experienced new kids on the block, Story World are here to help you tell your story. With an ever increasing need for online content, Story World with their unique mix of experience and skill sets are ready to get cracking. Clean responsive WordPress based website designed by pixelshifter to help promote services offered.

Pete Ritchie – Colourist

18th – Aug – 2014
  • pixelshifter-pete-ritchie-01
  • pixelshifter-pete-ritchie-02

So proud of my super talented little bro. It’s ok to call him “bro”, he lives in New Zealand. His amazing body of film colour grading work sees him as internationally renowned. Whoo Hoo. Also great to see New Zealand’s mischievous (not unlike our own) sense of humour coming through strongly in some of the commercial work. Especially here and here. Responsive WordPress based folio website to showcase the many projects worked on by Pete.

Decent Exposure

20th – Jun – 2014
  • pixelshifter-decent-exposure-01
  • pixelshifter-decent-exposure-02

Decent Exposure Photographic Studios badly needed to update their website. A good example of a more static site that does not need much attention due to the busy nature of the photographers running the studio. As a first point of contact for new clients the new website makes it very easy to view the available facilities and make an enquiry. No blog page required here, Facebook is used to keep followers up to date with the latest news and happenings.

Jon Webb

20th – Mar – 2014
  • pixelshifter-jon-webb-01
  • pixelshifter-jon-webb-02
  • pixelshifter-jon-webb-03

Photographer Jon Webb has a diverse spread of beautiful work in both still and film format. Responsive WordPress based website to showcase his work. maintenance of the website is handled by Jon.

Australian Encounters

9th – Dec – 2013
  • pixelshifter-australian-encounters-01
  • pixelshifter-australian-encounters-02
  • pixelshifter-australian-encounters-03

Quite proud to be involved with this fabulous project with longtime client, Suitcase Murphy. Australian Encounters is an animated history series narrated by Geoffrey Rush and based on the much loved Encounters column in the Monthly magazine. The stunning end result is a truly unique and special look at ten historic encounters, each between a renowned Australian and an international mover and shaker. The website allows for the purchasing of artworks by Chris Grosz and the episodes themselves, both through distrify. So if you have not seen, be like Molly and “do yourself a favour.”

The Charles Grenfell Group

1st – Feb – 2013
  • pixelshifter-the-charles-grenfell-group-01
  • pixelshifter-the-charles-grenfell-group-02

Extremely talented and experienced super couple, Josh and Emma recently formed The Charles Grenfell Group. Complete with a smoking identity (literally), the WordPress based website is used to showcase their brilliant work. If your local I can guarantee you will have seen at least one of their iconic ads. (They did the Dove Love ad!). Videos are handled via a Vimeo Pro account, allowing for simple embedding into WordPress project pages.

website now offline

Suitcase Murphy

1st – Feb – 2013
  • pixelshifter-suitcase-murphy-01
  • pixelshifter-suitcase-murphy-02

Long term clients and great guys, Suitcase Murphy recently made the change from Flash to WordPress, and by all accounts, couldn’t be happier. The responsive WordPress solution helps to showcase the broad range of projects undertaken by this busy duo. Videos are now handled via a Vimeo Pro account, allowing for simple embedding into WordPress project pages. Extra time and care was also spent on CSS media queries meaning the website looks great on all devices, from larger desktops, down to mobile devices.

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