Craig McGowan Photography

2nd – Mar – 2020

Craig McGowan takes beautiful photos that wouldn’t seem out of place in National Geographic magazine. Well I think so. Clean and simple responsive WordPress based website to showcase Craig’s very impressive images. An emphasis was put on the ease of use for both the desktop and mobile user experience by moving away from horizontal scrolling galleries and instead using the more natural vertical scroll. Beware, viewing may fill you with urges to travel. Design, build and implementation by pixelshifter.

Susan Grdunac

2nd – Mar – 2020

Stunning, timeless photography and still a personal favourite. Updated responsive WordPress based website for very talented photographer Susan Grdunac. Website design, build and implementation by pixelshifter.

Ripe Studios

20th – Jun – 2016
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The home of Andrew Richey Photography, Ripe Studios is based in Melbourne and available for hire. Responsive WordPress based website to help promote both the available spaces for hire (photography & events) along with the photography services based within the studios. A great example of top quality imagery being used, really helps to promote the business effectively. Need photography? call Andrew!


7th – Sep – 2015
  • pixelshifter_artmix_01
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Melbourne creative agency Artmix endeavours to bring brand to art. Their new website, designed and built by pixelshifter, showcases their feature projects and associated photography in a clean and simple manner. The responsive WordPress based solution looks great on mobile too. The Artmix team is really happy with the end result and are out and about proudly promoting themselves.

Andrew Richey Photography

15th – Jul – 2015
  • pixelshifter-andrew-richey-01
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  • pixelshifter-andrew-richey-03

Approached by Andrew Richey with a clear vision, pixelshifter helped to strip back the idea even further, resulting in a very minimal easy to use responsive WordPress solution. The masonry thumbnail pages help to give an overall view of each category whilst the full screen galleries are clean & simple as well as being swipe friendly on devices. Andrew’s blog page simply pulls in his instagram feed, displaying images inline with the rest of the website format.

Cameron Murray Photography

18th – Aug – 2014
  • pixelshifter-cameron-murray-01
  • pixelshifter-cameron-murray-02
  • pixelshifter-cameron-murray-03

Extensive responsive WordPress based website for exceptional commercial photographer Cameron Murray. Initial layouts supplied by John Clemons. Considerable customisation of the royal slider plugin enabled us to achieve a result that is both really simple for Cameron to manage updates, and looks great across all devices.

Decent Exposure

20th – Jun – 2014
  • pixelshifter-decent-exposure-01
  • pixelshifter-decent-exposure-02

Decent Exposure Photographic Studios badly needed to update their website. A good example of a more static site that does not need much attention due to the busy nature of the photographers running the studio. As a first point of contact for new clients the new website makes it very easy to view the available facilities and make an enquiry. No blog page required here, Facebook is used to keep followers up to date with the latest news and happenings.

Jon Webb

20th – Mar – 2014
  • pixelshifter-jon-webb-01
  • pixelshifter-jon-webb-02
  • pixelshifter-jon-webb-03

Photographer Jon Webb has a diverse spread of beautiful work in both still and film format. Responsive WordPress based website to showcase his work. maintenance of the website is handled by Jon.

David Ascoli

9th – Dec – 2013
  • pixelshifter-david-ascoli-01
  • pixelshifter-david-ascoli-02
  • pixelshifter-david-ascoli-03

Just like David, no fuss here. Minimal responsive WordPress solution for photographer David Ascoli. A well travelled man.

John Smallman

13th – Sep – 2013
  • pixelshifter-john-smallman-01
  • pixelshifter-john-smallman-02

John Smallman takes beautiful photographs. With layout supplied from his designer son, Jake, the resulting responsive WordPress based website is a very neat little folio that showcases John’s work into mostly nature based galleries. I particularly like the Lake Eyre series.

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