The Happy Film

In late 2011 I contributed via Kickstarter to “The Happy Film”. A project undertaken by design guru Stefan Sagmeister. The promised USB arrived in the mail yesterday. Sure it was a long wait, but I’m fairly sure Stefan is a very busy man, and there were many issues along the way, not least the sad passing of the film’s initial director Hillman Curtis in 2012.

The premise of the film was to explore whether meditation, therapy or drugs would or could bring the most happiness. Of course there is no final answer, but the journey that Mr. Sagmeister puts himself through is definitely eye opening. Visually stunning the use of mise en scène is set to a maximum, but there is also an element of squirm about watching such an accomplished man wrestle with mostly himself in pursuit of the smile.

Honest and very pleasing to the eye, the film will most likely not make you any happier, but it’s insightful and a great watch. Preview below.

View the full film.

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