Accelerated Expressions

16th – Nov – 2020

All graphics are procedurally generated in real time, no post-editing. As much as I don’t quite understand how these types of videos are produced, I love projects like this where no camera is used and content is generated digitally by “renderers”. A series of colour and height maps are fed into a rendering engine where controls such as blurring, bleeding, deformation, blending etc can be played with to express light and shadow. Stunning. Video by Kynd and sound by Yu Miyashita of

2020: an isolation odyssey

25th – Aug – 2020

Lydia Cambron from New York has made exceptional use of her time in isolation. The great leveller that is the current pandemic has the majority of earthlings simultaneously bunkered down at home living a somewhat skewed variation of the norm. Clearly not one to waste her time, Lydia has put together an incredible reenactment of Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey’s timeless, partly cryptic final sequence. A tribute, a homage, call it what you will, I found it incredibly entertaining, especially in the way that it captures the sense of distorted time that we are currently all living through. No doubt resources were at a minimum, but with a fancy bag of film making tricks the end result is just awesome. Attention to framing detail and the use of regular household items are genius. Her own acting, timing and subtle eye movements had me in awe. No doubt a few takes involved, but time on her side during lockdown in New York City. Some favourite frames below. Be sure to scroll to the end to watch the full film. More information and plenty to see at her neat little website.

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